Thursday, April 24, 2008

PT. Pacific Rising Indonesia

PT Pacific Rising Indonesia
We are a small online retailer with 100% of our business is done online. We sell various items online such as electronics, clothing, computers, appliances, etc.

Administrative Assistant
-Purchase various items online.
-Process the customers’ orders timely and accurately.
-Read, sort, organize, and reply daily emails from customers.
-Create, edit and publish online web pages. We will train you.
-Assist in other miscellaneous administrative and web related duties.

-Female with maximum age of 30 years old.
-D3/S1 in any major. Fresh graduate is welcomed!
-Good ability & willingness to follow manager’s directions/orders as instructed.
-Posses natural ability to learn new things quickly.
-Strong common-sense logic in dealing with customers & transaction issues.
-Excellent English skill in understanding and replying customers’ emails.
-Very strong ability to pay attention into details and do the job very carefully.

If you believe that you are a careless person, this job may not suit you.
Benefit of this job for yourself:
-Your English will be significantly improved especially in reading and writing. We are one of the very few companies in Indonesia that use 100% English in daily work. Your experience with us can bring significant advantage for your future career. It’s not easy to find a job where one can practice her English on a daily basis.
-You will gain vast understanding of real-world e-commerce.
-You will gain excellent experience in editing and publishing web pages.
-Relax and peaceful working environment with very little pressure.
-You can freely use office’s computer and internet for your own personal use.
-2 weeks paid annual vacation, annual bonus, and excellent annual salary increase (depending on your job performance and carefulness).

Working hours:
Monday-Friday = 09.00 – 17.00. Saturday = 09.00 – 15.00.
PT. Pacific Rising Indonesia
Komplek Taman Modern. Jakarta Timur.

Behind CarreFour Cakung and about 3KM from Pulogadung Bus terminal.
Please email your resume with recent photograph to :
Please put in the email subject: Application for Administrative Assistant

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